General trailer assembly directions:


START (Please print these directions and allow 45 minutes for assembly)

1: First, please check all items to ensure you have:

  • 2 wheels
  • 2 fenders
  • 1 tongue
  • 1 luggage rack (*If included)
  • Fasteners for all the above.
  • Trailer paperwork (Certificate of Origin, and /or Bill of Sale)
  • Key in envelope or on lock latch inside.

2: Install tongue and secure with the two bolts provided.

* Mount the 360 swivel option, (if ordered) between the hitch coupler and the tongue. see separate directions...

Ensure the wiring is properly routed and plugged in.

Then from front to rear raise the trailer onto its rear end and carefully on over until it rests on its top (preferably on something soft for padding).

3: Bolt and secure the axle plates to the frame, align wheels to be straight ahead,
with little or no toe in. (1/8" maximum)
(* You can measure from the Ball Coupler to each axle to make sure the distance is the same)
(* Some use a large carpenter's Square to check for alignment )

4: Insert the chrome center pieces into the wheels.

5: Mount and secure the wheels to the axles, make sure to check and/or add greece to bearings and check and/or adjust bearing nut tightness.

6: Get some help and turn the trailer over on it's wheels.

7: It helps if you have someone hold the top open for you.

8: Install the luggage rack insuring the ball for the strut is mounted properly inside the trailer.
(when applicable)

9: Install the strut, or brackets that hold the lid open.

10: Recheck your installation!

11: Mount license plate as needed (no mount provided) We have an optional License / light mount kit!

You are ready to go!

Please remember you are responsible for your ride and equipment.

Check your hitch connections, air pressure and wheel lugs routinely.

Remember to give yourself plenty of room to brake and allow plenty of time for maneuvering!

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