Can-Am Towing System
Can Am Towing

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When you are finished towing your "Spyder" to wherever you want, it's different from other towing devices because it eliminates storage problems. It securely locks the rear wheel in place and supports the "Spyder" in an upright position so that tying down the "Spyder" becomes a simple and easy task for one person. It has advantages over conventional trailers because it is easier to use, less expensive to purchase, more fuel efficient for your car or truck and eliminates storage problems.  With the CAN-AM TOW System, when you are finished towing your "Spyder" to wherever you are taking it, simply pull the unit from the receiver, store it in your trunk, and drive on with no trailer to worry about.

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Can-Am Towing



*Use (2) Yellow 2" wide Ratchet Straps on Rear Wheel.

Can-Am Towing

* Made 10" wide for the "225 / 50 R15" Rear tire
Make sure your tire size fits in 10" width, before ordering!

Can Am Spyder TowRWT500Can AmSpyder Tow

Can Am Spyder Towing

* Upright has been shortened to fit on Can-Am's with a longer Plastic "Mud Flap"

* Can-Am "Ryker" also.

Adjustable mounting

CanAm Tube


CanAm Adjustable mounting

*As always check:

  • Equal clearance Front and Rear.
  • Clearance on each side of rear wheel for possible interferance with accessories.
  • Raise rear and front an equal distance off the ground.
  • Option: remove front Air Dam for more clearance.
  • Use “DZUS’ ¼ turn fasteners for quick removal and installation. ( available on internet search )
  • Tie down front steering. ( * Using dirt-bike tie-down straps, from left handlebar to left passenger foot-peg & right handlebar to right foot-peg to secure straight aligned )
  • In windy areas, remove windshield or cover with a tarp and straps to prevent wind from breaking the windshield.
  • Option: available on internet search for: “Can-Am Spyder Front Air Ride System” to increase clearance.
  • Never back-up without a person guiding the operation in  back.
  • Drive safely and avoid any/all obstructions, pot holes or debris in roadway.
  • Use (2) 2 inch wide Yellow Ratchet straps for tie down of rear wheel, one toward tow vehicle and one down and around the unit.
  •  On some models with a larger rear belt drive, the front chock needs to be removed and in some cases the drive side “Red” tire guide may be bent outward for drive belt clearance.
  • Works with Can-Am Spyder, Including "Hard Bags" and Touring models with "Mud Flap".
  • Some models with a larger Drive pulley may have to bend out rear tire brace for more clearance, and not use wheel chock.
  • Stores easily in a trunk or closet.
  • Removable Loading ramp included.
  • Requires a "Class" *(3) Receiver
  • * With 2" X 2" Square opening.
  • Uses (2) *
    * 2" Wide, Yellow Ratchet Straps for securing Rear tire
  • No License Required.
  • No title Required.
  • Steel construction
  • Diamond plate tractions surface & gloss black powder coating
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Model #CARWT500        

Buy Now at:
$549.95 - *Free Shipping!
* Lower 48 states only!


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Can Am Towing

"Best Tow System" to haul your Can-Am Spyder,
* If your budget allows and you have a place to store it!


the: Folding Can-Am Spyder Trailer

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Can Am Spyder Trailer
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