The "CT" Series:

Larger Trailer: New Model!
Black with Diamond Plate trim.

Up to 22 cubic feet of storage.

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Tow Behind Motorcycle Cargo Diamond Plated Mini Trailer

Trailer side

Made in the U.S.A.


Trailer lid up

This customer modified his trailer to carry a pet!

Trailer full view

CT-500, 14 Cubic Ft. Capacity on left, compared to CT-700, 22 Cubic Ft. Capacity on Right!

Perfect for Trikes, Street Rods, Jeeps & SUVs

!4 & 22 Cubic Ft. models
On left is the Original 14 Cubic Ft. unit, on the Right is the 22 Cubic Ft. unit.
14 - Dimensions: 48" X 28" X 19" and 22 - Dimensions: 48" X 36" X 24"


(2) sets of Golf Clubs, Easy!

5 Ft long - 18 Cubic Ft. Capacity Trailer

Model: CT-600: 5 Ft. long, 18 Cubic Ft. Capacity Cargo Trailer
Dimensions: Box: 60" long, 28" wide & 19" deepss
Model: CT-700: 4 Ft. long, 22 Cubic Ft. Capacity Cargo Trailer

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