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Motorcycle Carrier for Motorcycles up to * 1000 lbs.
Channel dimensions: 79 " long x 8 " wide X 2" height
* Most Affordable 1000 lbs. Capacity Option for Motorcycles....

  $555.95 Plus (S&H)  
  • RV
  • Pickup trucks
  • MotorHomes
  • SUV
  • Van
  • Automobiles


Motorcycle Carrier



Most Affordable 1000 lbs. Capacity Motorcycle Carrier Available
This motorcycle Carrier is great for SUVs Motorhomes and RVs.
The carrier plugs into your Class 3 receiver or stronger and requires a 2" X 2” square receiver.
* Then you install the "Dual Receiver Kit" to increase Capacity & Stability.
* Always check your vehicle for ratings of: Springs, shocks, and axle.....


Motorhome Motorcycle Lift


Model #VBDB006      $555.95 Plus (S&H) * (weights over 600 lbs. use (2) outboard Receivers to increase capacity to * 1000 lbs.)

This Carrier is for Motorcycles up to 600 lbs.
* With attachments: "Dual Receiver Kit" capacity in increased up to 1000 lbs. depending on Vehicle rating.
    Loads up to *600 lbs capacity
*This Carrier will work with Hitch Receiver heights to 20"
* Capacity is 600 lbs for single receiver, (3) receivers up to 1000 lbs..
Great for RVs & Motorhomes.
79 " x 8" X 2" channel
Scooters & Motorcycles!
Call Marty for Application information & requirements: (708) 479-5100

Miscellaneous nuts and bolts, not included, local purchase may be needed in some applications.

  • Welding may be needed in some applications.
* Extra outboard receivers (* make it a 3 hitch system)
  • Carrying capacity 600 lbs. with single receiver
  • Weight cap. up to 1000 lbs.* for (3) receiver setup
  • Depending on vehicle axle, towing and suspension ratings




* Available Wheel Chock Option:Wheel Chock$69.99 Plus (S&H)
* Requires drilling (4) holes for mounting.
  * Fits most Motorcycles & Scooters, check Wheel dimensions before ordering - 130 mm Maximum
* Motorcycles with super-wide front tires or custom low-profile front fenders may not fit this wheel chock.


  • Wiring pigtails
  • Powder Coated
  • 1 year warranty
  • Multi tie-down points


  • Uses class III, 4 or 5 Receivers
  • Front wheel Stop on rail
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • All-steel construction .

* After-market dual outrigger receiver mounts are required for scooters over 300 lbs*

* (2) Outboard receivers!

* Please remember to install the (2) outboard Receivers, required for motorcycles & scooters over 300 lbs. To help support the front and rear of the heavier scooters. (Can be welded or u-bolted on to add support under front and rear wheels)

Receiver * (2) included with order....


2" Square tube Steel Square tubing:
00000* (2) included with order....

* After fitting, mark & drill a hole for safety pin in each outboard receiver.

Do you really want to push your Scooter,
up and down a ramp?

RV Scooter Lift
  • Requires Class 3 or above receiver, and tongue weight capacity of 500 lbs. on your tow vehicle 
    for scooters 250 lbs or less
  • Requires Class 3 or above receiver, and tongue weight capacity of 500 lbs. of tongue weight on 
    your tow vehicle for scooters 400 lbs or less.
  • Requires Class 3 or above receiver, and tongue weight capacity of 750 lbs. of tongue weight on 
    your tow vehicle for scooters 650 lbs or less.
  • * Illustrations may differ from actual Lift.
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