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Q & A for 2010
What is the Price?
          Retail Price (M.S.R.P.) is $329.00 Plus $39 Shipping & Handling.
* Do to any increases in prices of raw material, our $225 Special may increase in selling and/or shipping costs at any time!

(Our Special this month: $237.95! with Anti-Woble pin.)

         See "About us" for Special pricing on multiple units....
How large a motorcycle will the carrier hold?
       The weight of the motorcycle is restricted by the receiver capacity, usually not to exceed 500 lbs. on a  Class III Receiver.  
(this will be the combined weight of the carrier & motorcycle)
Do you make a carrier for carring scooters with smaller wheels?
 Yes!  We make this carrier for scooters with smaller wheels,  tell us the Model & Front wheel/tire size when you order.
What is the size of the carrier?
         Carrier size: 72" long X 6" Wide x 2" tall (1/8" Thick "C" Channel) & Weighs 30 lbs. with ramp
What about Receiver Slop / Stability?

       We have an optional Anti-wobble pin available.

Silen Hitch Pin

Is the carrier painted, and what color?
        Powder Coated Black for a long lasting finish!
Does the carrier include a ramp?
        A Ramp is included ( 33" Long - Stores between the tires )
How is the motorcycle secured to the ramp?
        The motorcycle is secured with tie-down straps (NOT INCLUDED)
Safety note:
You must tie down both sides of the handlebars, as well as both sides of the rear top frame to the lower center tie down points on the Motorcyle Carrier.
You must also tie down the front and rear wheels to the Motorcycle Carrier with a tie down strap or rubber, trucker type, bungie cord with hooks on each end.
What kind of Receiver do I need for the TMC Carrier?
        Carrier uses a Class III Receiver or stronger.
Does the carrier need license plates registration or Title?
        No Registration or License needed!
What kind of maintenance does the TMC Carrier need?
        No maintenance necessary.
What is the TMC Carrier made out of?
         All Steel Construction: Powder-coated Black, 1/8"Thick - "C" Chanel for rail and Heavy Duty wall Construction for Square tubing.
Is there a warranty?
         The TMC Carrier has a 1 Year Warranty
Note: Any warranties on the products sold by us, are those made by the manufacturer. We are not the manufacturer.
Customers must contact the manufacturer of the item for any warranty or shipping issues.
* We will assist the customer when possible.
How is the TMC Carrier shipped?
         We ship FED EXPRESS
How long does it take to receive the TMC Carrier?
Units are in stock, and ship the next day, arrival in 4 - 14 days to most locations.
Can you tow a boat when you use the carrier?
Other people tell us they have used our carrier and towed a boat / Car using
the adaptor sold from Northern tool 1-800-556-7885 item # 330685-2414  Dual hitch extension / $49.00

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